Frequent Asked Questions about Titanium4j.

What is Titanium4j ?

Titanium4j is a application toolkit, designed for creating beautiful native mobile apps on Android, iOs, Blackberry and soon Windows Phone using the Java language. Titanium4j can also be used to create hybrid mobile applications. Titanium4j leverages two industry leading frameworks The Titanium SDK and GWT to help developers created stunning mobile applications with ease.

How does Titanium4j differ from other Java mobile framework ?

Most cross platform Java based libraries used a build server to produce native apps out of java code. The main argument for this approach is that it frees up from specific devices for development. For example one can develop for iOs without owning a Mac computer. The thruth is that those servers represents a black box on which developers have no control. And local/offline build is most of the time coupled with high costs. With Titanium4j there is no server involved. Everything is built locally on you device of choice. Giving you full control of your creation.

Where can I get itanium4j ?

You can download Titanium4j from our Open source repository. Alternatively you can build from source using the GitHub Repository.

How to get started with Titanium4j ?

Best way to start with Titanium4j is to check the getting started guide. Then check the different examples that comes with the library and modify them to meet your needs. If there is something missing please feel free to reach out to us. We challenge ourselves to offer the best support possible for our tools.

Where can I get help with my question ?

You can post your question on our Google Plus page. Alternatively you can report bug or ask techninal questions using the GitHub Repository Issues. If you wish to have personalized support feel free to contact us.

What license is Titanium4j under ?

Titanium4j is free, open source and licensed under Apache License Version 2. This means that you can use Titanium4j to build any type of project you like for free. Commercial and non commercial

Who is developing Titanium4j ?

Titanium4j is mainly developed and maintained by Ahomé Innovation Technologies. As in most open source projects, however, hobbyists and professional enthusiasts play a big role in its development. The code is is available on GitHub.

How is Titanium4j development financed ?

Titanium4j is backed by Ahomé Innovation Technologies, which offers services, support and add-on components on top of Titanium4j. This revenue makes it possible to keep Titanium4 truly free for anyone to use. All commercial services and products on top of Titanium4j are 100% optional and there is no need to buy anything. You can read more about our support prices here.

Do you offer trainings for Titanium4j ?

Yes, offer personal trainings for Titanium4j and all others tools we created. If you would like us to train you for one of our tools, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you speak at conferences ?

Yes, we give speeches in many conferences. If you would like us to speak in your conference, please don't hesitate to contact us.