Easily create awesome apps
for Android, iOS, Windows
and Blackberry in Java.

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Currently Version 4.0.0 - Apache v2 licensed

With Titanium4j you build 100% native applications.

Solid foundation

Titanium4j apps are built on top of two industry leading toolkits: GWT and Titanium mobile. Giving you the best of both worlds. Titanium4j leverage the GWT compiler to output high optimised JavaScript code out of your Java source that is then turned into a native mobile application by the titanium sdk.

Rich ecosystem

Because Titanium4j is built on top of the Java platform you get instant access to tons a free and powerful tools. From delightful IDEs like Eclipse and Intellij to useful utilities like Fingbugs everything is one step away. Creating awesome native mobile applications has never been this easy and fun.

Free and open source

Titanium4j is open source and developed under the very liberal Apache License version 2.0. Which means that there are no hooks and you can use it for free for whatever you want. Forever.

Why should you use Titanium4j ?

Free and open source, Titanium4j ships with lots of features that makes native mobile development a pleasure.

Strong types, Powerful tools

Use the Java language and its powrful ecosystem to write clean and maintanable enterprise scale applications.

Declarative User Interface

Write 50%-60% less code than traditional development toolkits.

Easy and fun to learn

All you need to know is the Java language. We have tons of tutorial to get you started and help you level up your mobile development skills.

Live reload

Simultaneously live deploy and test across multiple real devices using any OS for development.

Code sharing across platforms

Use the same language, APIs and data structures to share an average of 80% of app code across mobile, web and desktop.

Built by developers for developers

Titanium4j is built by passionate developers. The code is managed via Github and we aim to make native mobile development with Java simple and awesome.